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Commercial Tool Flooring Distributors Wanted


Stubbi Commercial Flooring Tools are a premium commercial tool range designed to optimise productivity and profitability as well as remove failures and repair downtime.

Adopted by the Leading Commercial Training Associations

Commercial Tool Flooring Distributors Wanted

Our tools have been adopted by leading training associations in the UK, Australia and the US and we have installers looking to purchase the tools in your area which is why we are looking to expand our distribution network. 

As part of working with us to distribute our commercial tool range we regularly promote our distributors and/or the commercial outlets through our Social Media channels and websites.

If you are interested in distributing the Stubbi Range please complete the form here or contact Stubbi Flooring Tools on the details below:

Email: dan@dlmarsh.com Call: +61 413 532 581

In what applications can the tools be used?

Stubbi Commercial Flooring Range

Stubbi Flooring Tools were initially designed as the world’s first flash-coving installation tool. A lateral pressure roller which mirrors the radius profile, firmly embedding it to the juncture, removing air pockets and undulations that commonly lead to product failure. Essential in high traffic installations where some of the harshest environments exist and failure is not an option, such as; Schools, Hospitals and transport.   

The range now has applications in the installation of Vinyl, Carpet, Tiles, Sheet Goods, LVT, Acoustic Linings and much more. They work with Solvent and Water based contact adhesives.

Why were the Stubbi Commercial Flooring Tools designed and developed?

Stubbi Flooring Tools are an award-winning innovation developed exclusively to solve the problematic issues faced during the installation of flash-cove and cleanroom systems. 

High risk / high traffic industries, particularly those of healthcare and transport, require an increasing demand for quality, problem-free installations, first time, every time, and should not be compromised by limitations within the tool industry.

Removing the risk of failure

Avoid Cove Failure with Stubbi Commercial Flooring Tools

Stubbi Flooring Tools mitigate this risk by removing the failure points that may start off as minor common defects, but, when left unattended, go on to lead to subfloor contamination and eventually product failure. 

The application of Stubbi Flooring Tools brings a wide array of benefits.  By introducing Lateral cove former rolling, the cove fillet strip is deeply embedded into the floor/wall junction, removing undulations, air pockets and any possibility of movement below the cove strip.  Upon application of the sheet material, the rolling process is repeated ensuring full contact is made between the backing and adhered surfaces along the coving. This allows for a uniform upturn to be created, removing the need for applied heat during installation. 

The Stubbi capping tool also removes weakness in the conventional push-fit application of PVC capping systems. By designing a profiled rolling surface, installers can now achieve even pressure distribution in a single pass, securing PVC strips tightly into the adhesive. This is particularly effective for water-based contact adhesives which rely on direct pressure to ensure full curing takes effect. 

Ergonomic Relief for Installers

The ergonomics of Stubbi Flooring Tools also provide relief for installers experiencing difficulties with repetitive strain injuries in the hands and wrists by removing the need to manually press or ‘rub on’ the accessories used for cove forming. 

With the introduction of Stubbi Flooring Tools, the collateral damage of expensive repair downtime is minimised, if not completely removed; products are installed with high pressure and intricate detail. Known previous failure points are eliminated. The finished sheet flooring product has an extended lifecycle and confidence is restored for installer, contractor and end-user, promoting pride in floor finishing. 

Recommended by the Leading Commercial Training Organisations

The Stubbi Flooring Tools brand is strongly recommended by training associations and flooring manufacturers in the United Kingdom.  The Stubbi installation model has also gained increasing traction in Australia, Germany and more recently, the US, finding its way into podcast discussions, flooring forums and the social media scene. 

This is largely thanks to many endorsements by established tool makers, trade schools, distributors and end-users.

Furthermore, Stubbi Flooring Tools continues to develop problem-solving initiatives and adding value to the flooring community as a whole. 

Stubbi Flooring Tools are very proud to make a positive contribution to the flooring industry as well as for the next generation of commercial vinyl installers.

Installers and Contractors across the world are finding even more new and innovative ways that the Stubbi Commercial Flooring Tool Range can be used. The range now has applications in the installation of Vinyl, Carpet, Tiles, Sheet Goods, LVT, Acoustic Linings and much, much more.


Get in touch today to stock the best commercial flooring tool that your customers need in their toolbox!

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Stubbi Flooring Tools – Award-Winning Tool Innovations.

Daniel Marsh Stubbi Flooring Tools

Daniel Marsh, Stubbi Flooring Tools

If you are interested in distributing the Stubbi Range please complete the form here or contact Stubbi Flooring Tools on the details below:

Email: dan@dlmarsh.com Call: +61 413 532 581


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