How To Use The Stubbi Tool Range For A Professional Finish, first time, everytime.

Our professional flooring tool is changing the way flooring is installed.  Take a look.

Great Cap & Cove Demo from Steve at Ardex and Roger Moore from Altro

Join Ardex National Training Manager, Steve Davies, and special guest, Roger Moore from Altro, for a tips and tricks demo and Q&A session on Cap and Cove installations with a little help from Stubbi Flooring Tools.

How to Install Commerical Vinyl Flooring with Flash Coving and Stubbi Rollers

Watch as the Stubbi Roller firmly embeds the vinyl, removing air pockets, undulations and unused spaces where bacteria can breed.  It gives you the right pressure everytime to ensure full contact with the adhesive. 

Flash Cove Mastery with Stubbi Precision Rollers

Master Flash Cove with the Stubbi LinoCove.  Speed up installation and get a perfect finish with the Stubbi's, steel twin fork construction, dual bearing driven zink plated steel wheel and long reach beechwood handle. Job Done!

The Stubbi Cap Roller gives you the perfect profile to ensure the right pressure and contact on every job.

With the Stubbi Cap Roller you get a multi-step profile, bearing driven capping roller, that pressurises the adhered surfaces of water-based contact adhesives when used with PVC capping strips, commercial vinyl and linoleum flooring in flash cove installations. 

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