August 2

WATCH: Cap & Cove Tricks with Ardex Academy, Altro & Stubbi Flooring Tools


Watch Ardex National Training Manager, Steve Davies, and special guest, Roger Moore from Altro, for a tips and tricks demo and Q&A session on Cap and Cove installations with Stubbi Flooring Tools.

Watch the extended YouTube video now ↓

You can watch the original full-length Live broadcast here ↓

And here’s all the links you could ever need for amazing Ardex, Altro and Stubbi Products

Find High-Performance Flooring and Tiling Products from Ardex




Altro is an international manufacturer of premium high-quality flooring and much more




The MUST-HAVE Tool for Commercial flooring and installation – The Stubbi Range…



The Stubbi Tool is an innovation, driven by 18 years of research in the flooring industry. Developed exclusively to solve often problematic installation areas of commercial flooring whilst simultaneously optimising productivity / profitability for both installer and contractor.

High risk / high traffic industries, particularly those of healthcare and transport, require an increasing demand for high quality, problem-free installations, first time, every time, and should not be compromised by limitations in the tool industry.

Now, with the introduction of Stubbi Flooring Tools, the collateral damage of expensive repair downtime is minimised, if not completely removed; products are now installed with high pressure and intricate detail making sure the adhesive is correctly transferred and secured. Known previous failure points are eliminated.

The finished flooring product has an extended lifespan and confidence is restored, promoting pride in floor finishing. The Stubbi Flooring Tools brand is recommended by flooring manufacturers in the United Kingdom and has gained increasing traction in Australia, Germany and more recently, the US.

This is largely thanks to our many endorsements by training associations, trade schools, distributors and end-users

Furthermore, Stubbi Flooring Tools continues to develop problem-solving initiatives and add value to the flooring community as a whole.

Eliminate Failure, Install Faster and make your toolbox happy!

Daniel Marsh Stubbi Flooring Tools

Daniel Marsh, Stubbi Flooring Tools


Order your Stubbi today and transform your install times while avoiding cove failure…

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