May 25

I give it 10/10. Definitely get these into your toolbox.

Some great feedback on the Stubbi Commercial Flooring Range from the Cap and Cove Rollers to the Edge Roller.

“So as a Floorlayer I do lay all types of flooring including cap and cove. So when these Stubbi Rollers came out I was desperate to get my hands on theses to give it a go.

When they arrived I quickly got some materials to play with. With all my work I’m a true believer that perfect preparation prevents poor performance. So getting my prep work perfect for cap and cove work took a little longer to get a full neat bond with the coving using the rollers I already had, so with the Stubbi they have different sizes, one for mini cove and one for standard size.

So once I cut the cove ready and applied the adhesive. The roller fits perfect to roll along the base it’s a simple but brilliant design. Makes preparation time shorter and you know you get a fully bonded cove. Also with the mini cove roller, I found it worked great with the capping getting a good transfer also. So it’s not just for the mini cove. Running the mini cove along the capping is great.

If you do the butterfly corners the mini cove is great for this type of work getting the external corners looking great.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once the preparation work has been done and the materials have been set, the roller works great getting the floor covering fully rolled into the adhesive making sure you get perfect transfer of the adhesive.

I’d personally give it 10/10. Definitely get these into your toolbox.

Shane, NCIF Master Installer

With the 3rd roller, it’s a small edge roller. You think it’s to small for anything but it fits perfect into internal corners to get a good transfer of adhesive also. I was playing around with some lvt with features strips and once rolled the strips tend to not get rolled due to the height difference with the bevels edges so I found with the smallest roller its works fantastic with lvt getting that perfect job once using these tool I’m confident that these tools are a must for the flooring trade. Makes the job quicker, neater everyone wins.

Now with the capping roller it’s a genuine brilliant bit of kit, its shaped to go round the strip to help get that bond what we are looking for really easy to use on a long run of strip.

So guys, I’d personally give it 10/10 if you do any type of work that involves the possible need for these tools then definitely get these into your toolbox and lvt fitters definitely get the edge roller for your stripping.”

Shane – N.I.C.F Master installer, F.I.T.A Training instructor

Flooring solutions 

A big thank you to Shane for his feedback. We are extremely proud to present Stubbi Flooring Tools to the flooring world.

Daniel Marsh Stubbi Flooring Tools

Daniel Marsh, Stubbi Flooring Tools


Order your Stubbi today and transform your install times while avoiding cove failure…

UPDATE: We’ve recently added new distributors: Sweeney Todd Blades – Floormart –

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